Hello network! 

So the history is short and simple, we took our biggest partner and we asked them why the partner with AIESEC and why youth leadership was so important for their company. 

 We turn a monthly visit into an interview  for a blog post, we introduce the partner to the regional office during an OST visit and we explain them that we wanted the region to know about the story of leadership together, they got really excited so we took the phone and start recording their thoughts , It was super natural.  

DELL in Panama currently have +50 interns and is looking for more everyday,   first with the help of our Digital Markerting we put the interview as a Blog in our oficial website and then we  post this blog in our national Linkedin account, after this  we recieve the call of two companies, one of them is about to sign and the other one in legal revision ALL THIS IN LESS THAN 20 Days.  The opens are happening this month.

So, I INVITE YOU to share this post in your Linkedin account as well, let´s see how many leads and most important how many opens we can get from something very simple.

Also if you have a partner that could share story as well, don´t wait take a look in the ideas of how to do it and share It with the network..

Maria Gabriela Ballesteros  MCVPBD Manager for  AIESEC Panama & RST Partnership Development for Americas