3 steps for reaching more enablers

Last week we presented 1 SIMPLE TRICK TO GROW YOUR PARTNERSHIPS, and with that we launched a challenge: what if every entity was producing content to each other? 

And so we started. AIESEC Mexico, AIESEC USA and AIESEC in Panama have already starting to produce this content, as we can see. Here is an example from Panama and another from Mexico.

How was this content created? By conducting a simple interview (in the case of Panama, during a partner meeting, and in the case of Mexico, through a phone call to an alumnus).


Once they published, they have placed it here, in the spreadsheet that contains a list of content to publish on your channels of attraction. But is it enough to simply publish?

No, you’re right. We need to do more than that. 

The beauty about producing content from our partners, is that we have the chance of tapping into their circles. We have the chance of publishing a story about a person A and placing it in a public context (social media, email marketing, etc) in which other people who also know this person A will react, be interested in reading that story. And then an endless cycle of people who know each other starts. The question remaining is: how do I make sure that the person that I have interviewed will share my content and other people who know this person will see it too?

Step 1: tag the person on the social network



Step 2: let the person know (and ask for sharing)

Just send an email, whatsapp or short call to your partner, to let him know how they are influencing your brand, and how cool it would be for them to share

Step 3: Share the content in other groups/mailing lists

Did you ever noticed that there are thousands of linked groups, or that your partners have extensive mailing lists of influencers in your area of interest? Give them a call explaining the value of your content, and suggest to be included on their newsletters.  This way, they are promoting themselves, with a space where our brand can stand out!