1 simple trick to grow your partnerships

Dealing with partners or alumni, and having the necessity to meet them at least once a week, can be a huge opportunity to create content out of these relationships. How?

Think of a dinner night out. You're with your friends, and everyone is telling what's new with their lives. When it's your turn, you tell them about that funny moment you lived with that other friend, or how you discovered something amazing this week that you hadn't thought about before. Creating content is just like a friend's conversation. You talk about past experiences, and you touch topics that you know are of interest of the rest of your friends. 


Summing it up, when you have a certain relationship with your partners and alumni, you're able to tell their stories so that other people in the same position and group of interests (your target audience to do more sales) get interested about your brand, and ultimately will discover your product. 

How to create easy content from your partners? See here how to produce a blog post from a company meeting!

But the story doesn't stop here... what if we told you some entities are already producing content that you can share??

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