So many times in AIESEC we move countless efforts to create events, gather our different stakeholders and provide value to everyone. Think of YouthSpeak Forum, think of an alumni cocktail, think of any event that you use for EwA with your enablers. 

The thing with these events, is that we don't usually use them to its full potential when it comes to exposing our brand. Think about it: will anyone who wasn't at the event, or didn't follow your social media publications, know that that cool partner of yours (that is a big shot in his industry) endorses your brand? Will anyone ever know how this partner has an amazing story with AIESEC back when he was young? The simple answer is no. But you can do something about it.  So how can I make it happen?

 (see an example of AIESEC Mexico below)

Panalpina es un proveedor suizo de servicios de transporte y logística, especializado en fletes intercontinentales aéreos y oceánicos, asociado a soluciones de administración de cadenas de suministro.


If you are going to gather your partners, you need to take advantage of their presence. So, the best way to collect interesting content for your sales (being for the website, social media or emails) is to be able to capture the energy of a testimonial of your partner. Prepare for this by selecting an OC that can be on sight and continue the work after the event by editing the recordings.


It's important that they know that you want to tell their story. Prepare some questions ahead, find space in the agenda, and allocate something like 15-20 minutes to interview each of the partners.


After finding a quiet space where you can interview several partners in a row (it would be ideal if there would be a background with the event happening), you just need to think logistics of transporting the partners during the designated times to the specific room. 


Once the event is over, make sure you release all the videos throughout several weeks in your social media channels (like Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook), and tag the partner, to generate awareness on his/her's circle of friends and colleagues. In the end, you can use this footage to sell the event again, sell opportunities and place it in your website, as a professional endorsement.

Zé Vieira, MCVP B2B AIESEC Mexico RST B2B Disrupter for Americas

3 steps for reaching more enablers

Last week we presented 1 SIMPLE TRICK TO GROW YOUR PARTNERSHIPS, and with that we launched a challenge: what if every entity was producing content to each other? 

And so we started. AIESEC Mexico, AIESEC USA and AIESEC in Panama have already starting to produce this content, as we can see. Here is an example from Panama and another from Mexico.

How was this content created? By conducting a simple interview (in the case of Panama, during a partner meeting, and in the case of Mexico, through a phone call to an alumnus).


Once they published, they have placed it here, in the spreadsheet that contains a list of content to publish on your channels of attraction. But is it enough to simply publish?

No, you’re right. We need to do more than that. 

The beauty about producing content from our partners, is that we have the chance of tapping into their circles. We have the chance of publishing a story about a person A and placing it in a public context (social media, email marketing, etc) in which other people who also know this person A will react, be interested in reading that story. And then an endless cycle of people who know each other starts. The question remaining is: how do I make sure that the person that I have interviewed will share my content and other people who know this person will see it too?

Step 1: tag the person on the social network



Step 2: let the person know (and ask for sharing)

Just send an email, whatsapp or short call to your partner, to let him know how they are influencing your brand, and how cool it would be for them to share

Step 3: Share the content in other groups/mailing lists

Did you ever noticed that there are thousands of linked groups, or that your partners have extensive mailing lists of influencers in your area of interest? Give them a call explaining the value of your content, and suggest to be included on their newsletters.  This way, they are promoting themselves, with a space where our brand can stand out!


1 simple trick to grow your partnerships

Dealing with partners or alumni, and having the necessity to meet them at least once a week, can be a huge opportunity to create content out of these relationships. How?

Think of a dinner night out. You're with your friends, and everyone is telling what's new with their lives. When it's your turn, you tell them about that funny moment you lived with that other friend, or how you discovered something amazing this week that you hadn't thought about before. Creating content is just like a friend's conversation. You talk about past experiences, and you touch topics that you know are of interest of the rest of your friends. 


Summing it up, when you have a certain relationship with your partners and alumni, you're able to tell their stories so that other people in the same position and group of interests (your target audience to do more sales) get interested about your brand, and ultimately will discover your product. 

How to create easy content from your partners? See here how to produce a blog post from a company meeting!

But the story doesn't stop here... what if we told you some entities are already producing content that you can share??

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