GMS: Data

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Ever felt lost in where to focus, or after a lot of investment there is still no clear return?

That’s exactly why we need to look at data at each stage of the funnel to make informed marketing strategic decisions. 

Data opens our eyes to guide us to the points of the funnel that we can improve, and the points that will also give us the maximum output. Make sure you read the overview below & also check the survey feedback from customers!


So we got feedback from customers.

AI sent out a survey to over 50,000 customers who had signed up on our OP over the last 2 months. We asked them about their interest in AIESEC, our products, how they heard about us, their pains and some gains. 

We got over 1,800 responses globally. And the data we got was a wake up call . It showed us how powerful data is, and how we must stop making assumptions about our customers and instead, get to know them first!

Below is output of the data for each region & the raw files for you to gather insights for your entity & perhaps send out a similar survey too!