Global Marketing Summit 2016

As we move towards the context of AIESEC 2020, the way we do marketing must evolve. With that in mind, marketers from all around the world including your AI BCXP team went through a week of intense review on the role of marketing.

We realized there is a fundamental logic under all the topics connecting everything we talked about and surprise surprise, it is… the Funnel.

To get on the same page, we ask you to start with reading the following introduction, where we explain the marketing funnel further and how it is fundamentally the core of what we do as marketers. We wish this will bring clarity to your job and support in your entity’s development.

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Now that we're on the same page, time to check out the output!


Marketing is enthusiasm transferred to the customer.
— Gregory Ciotti

GMS: Marketing Hacks


Should we want to grow AIESEC disruptively, we must look at how we change processes and operations to enable this. It is essential for us to rework the way we have always done things, but also capitalize on the things that have been crucial to our growth curve in the past. 

How can we continuously hack what we do to make AIESEC grow, through different parts of the customer flow?


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Make your products grow & evolve to be a growth hacker!



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Still lost on lead nurturing? Check these out!

Storytelling is everything, trust us.

GMS: Education


In order for the funnel to run effectively, it must be supported with proper marketing capacity and understanding. 

Marketing requires no guesswork. Marketing is also a skill that can be learned. Every entity needs to be conscious of the general knowledge, skills, and abilities required to make great marketing happen. 

The average marketer in AIESEC should take it upon themselves to get the knowledge and skills to build their capacity and learn for themselves whether through online channels, from the network or through other external sources.


GMS: Content


We use content to attract, we use content to convert, we use content to showcase the story of AIESEC to build people’s love and trust towards our brand.

Creating native, value-adding content at each stage of the funnel is the key to ensure a good customer experience.

Content is the fuel of our marketing funnel.


GMS: Data

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Ever felt lost in where to focus, or after a lot of investment there is still no clear return?

That’s exactly why we need to look at data at each stage of the funnel to make informed marketing strategic decisions. 

Data opens our eyes to guide us to the points of the funnel that we can improve, and the points that will also give us the maximum output. Make sure you read the overview below & also check the survey feedback from customers!


So we got feedback from customers.

AI sent out a survey to over 50,000 customers who had signed up on our OP over the last 2 months. We asked them about their interest in AIESEC, our products, how they heard about us, their pains and some gains. 

We got over 1,800 responses globally. And the data we got was a wake up call . It showed us how powerful data is, and how we must stop making assumptions about our customers and instead, get to know them first!

Below is output of the data for each region & the raw files for you to gather insights for your entity & perhaps send out a similar survey too!

GMS: Digital Ecosystem


The marketing ecosystem is what encompasses the entire customer flow, from even before we attract strangers to when they become advocates of the brand after their experience. It is a combination of physical and digital marketing activities to ensure we provide great customer experiences that is fluid from offline to online and vice versa. 

This ecosystem varies per entity and local reality, but what remains the same is the role marketing plays to increase the amount of people going through the entire funnel with a positive experience. 

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