B2B Updates 9th November 2016

In the last update we looked at the strategy card of B2B. I will be making the future updates based on the strategy card.

1. Global System (COP and EXPA)

With securing our new global vendor and transition, development is back on track!

We have proposed all the COP related bugs fix and some new features. Once developed, we will give you more updates.

2. Global B2B Marketing

The B2B Writer's crew is complete! Welcome Tara (The Netherlands), Asma (Tunisia) and Alex (Finland)! 

We are working on creating a Global B2B Campaign running from November to December for a period of 4 weeks using blogs, creatives on our Global Linkedin and Twitter. Since we never run a B2B Marketing campaign from the global level, this help us to decided if such campaigning makes sense based on the results. Also, we are expecting to provide a report to the network by end of December on HOW to Run Digital B2B Campaigns.

Stay tuned for our global page for more updates.

3. Global Operations

B2B have started synergising with AI Partnership Team on this. We have been planning on:

  • How to harvest content from the Global Partners?
  • Building Employer Branding Strategy with the Global Partners 
  • Youth Employability report - check this website out: https://www.tmistrategy.org/. Damn cool and we are thinking how can AIESEC also start positioning ourselves as experts in youth employability (GT GE focused) but not just SDGs (GV focused)

If you any good thoughts on this, email chuck at chuckc@ai.aiesec.org

4. Global Strategy

No progress yet. 

5. Global insights

Welcome your GST for Global analytics and strategy, Anil from Turkey and Sylvia from Colombia!

These 2 beautiful people are currently data mining on enablers! More update will be given. Also feel free to tell us what are the things you want us to look at.