1. Global System (COP and EXPA)

COP bugs are being fixed with top priority, we are expected to clear them by end of the week.

Have any suggestion for it to improve? Comment below

Thanks for the above entities keeping up the assign ratio! If your name is not up there, please make sure you are assigning COP sign ups!

Here is tutorial on how to do it:

Currently we have 4123 sign ups

these are the top 14 MCs with sign ups and the monthly sign up in 2016!


2. Global B2B Marketing

Our writers crew has been killing it! So far, we have already created 9 blogs and we are almost ready to launch the campaign! This will be first time for the global page to run a B2B campaign. The reason for us to do is to analyse the Return on Investment of running such campaign. By end of December, we will conclude the campaign with a report on the results and also provide you with a guideline on how you can run B2B campaign on your MC level.

Stay tuned, cause your leads might start flowing in and be ready to assign them ASAP! 

We will be launching the campaign on the global linkedin page, so do check it out and share on your Linkedin page.

3. Global Operations

The synergy with the AI Partnership team has got me thinking a whole new level of collaboration. Things we are working on with them:

  • Youth Employment Report
  • Employers Branding for Global Partners
  • Content Collection from the Partners

My question to you is, how can you work with your PD/BD team better to collaborate on the B2B front?

4. Global Strategy

We will be sending out a sensing survey next week :)

5. Global insights

Our GST have crunched some data based on the Q3 Opportunity Opens. Some highlights: