B2B Updates 12th Oct 2016


About LinkedIn

For those who were not at IC 2016 B2B functional track, make sure you check out the output here: http://bit.ly/IC2016B2B


I will be updating in the newsletter based on need of the network and progress of the project. One thing we clarified at IC 2016 was, since in the Global Roadmap we are not yet prioritising the B2B related projects, my main focus for B2B is to ensure the current knowledge and information is communicated to the network. We won’t have any new progress until we start working on the B2B related projects. This will require all of you to work independently and make sure you are learning form each other. 


Customer Flow

With the excitement of customer flow being implemented in Youth, a lot of you guys have been asking about the Customer Flow for Enablers. So far we do not have any global guideline or focus on creating one. However, I do invite all of you guys who have the capacity to start understanding what could be inside the Customer Flow for Enablers. Some key questions I’d like to ask you are:


  • How do I am utilising enablers ot enable leadership in youth?
  • What is the role of the enablers in this?
  • What is the state of my entity for balancing push and pull strategy?
  • How am I ensuring a great satisfactions for the enablers?
  • How am I tracking the satisfaction of complaints of the enablers and acting upon them?


We always encourage you to work on your own idea as I mentioned during B2B fictional track at IC. So if you have some good thoughts on this, feel free to upload it in CandyBox -> Enablers -> Customer Flow : http://bit.ly/CF4enablers


I have included a iGT CF concept document that I worked on last year in the MC and you can take a look.


B2B Attraction

I have been getting requests from some entities regarding opening Linkedin Page, the state of the network for Linkdein:


  • MCs have Linkedin page already and active
  • MCs have Linkedin page already and non active
  • MCs don’t have Linkedin page and willing to open 
  • MCs don’t have Linkedin page and do no want to open


We had a call with Linkedin office today and here is a few updates:


  1. For MCs having linkedin page and non active, it’s suggested to close the page because it does not look professional and will harm the brand of AIESEC.
  2. For MCs having linkdein page and active, we will link your page to the Global Page so you can get more reach from the global side. However in order to do this, I need to receive a Linkedin social media plan regarding how are you going to use the page with content calendar. 
  3. For MCs don’t have a linked in page and willing to open one, please get in touch with me by 18th October with a social media plan and content calendar, and the email of the responsible person for Linkedin admin. We will send your information to Linkedin and your page will be created.
  4. For MCs don’t have a Linkedin page and do not have the capacity to manage, feel free to direct the traffic to the global Linkedin page. Since the global Linkedin page is directing traffic to global website and further COP and further to your respective entities, you can by all means by contacted.




B2B Consideration

On the global website under the Company page, there is an enquiry button. If any companies make an enquiry, I will be directly forwarding the email to the BD responsible of the MC, (if BD function is not available, I have been forwarding it to the ICX responsible) Make sure you promptly follow up with these leads to convert them to customers.


Global B2B Content Strategy Sensing Form

If your entity is already creating B2B content, let us know!