B2B UPDATES 23rd November 2016

Very quick update this week!

AI will be hosting Global Marketing Summit from 27th November till 3rd December!

In this space we will be discussing topics about products, COP, and also B2B network knowledge.

In order to gather inputs on this and also give you an update on what's happening for B2B in AI. We will host a webinar this Friday, 25th November at 4 pm GMT +1.

Save the date! : http://aiesec.adobeconnect.com/b2bnetwork1/

We will post the the material, recording in this post later!


1. Global System (COP and EXPA)

COP bugs are being fixed with top priority, we are expected to clear them by end of the week.

Have any suggestion for it to improve? Comment below

Thanks for the above entities keeping up the assign ratio! If your name is not up there, please make sure you are assigning COP sign ups!

Here is tutorial on how to do it:

Currently we have 4123 sign ups

these are the top 14 MCs with sign ups and the monthly sign up in 2016!


2. Global B2B Marketing

Our writers crew has been killing it! So far, we have already created 9 blogs and we are almost ready to launch the campaign! This will be first time for the global page to run a B2B campaign. The reason for us to do is to analyse the Return on Investment of running such campaign. By end of December, we will conclude the campaign with a report on the results and also provide you with a guideline on how you can run B2B campaign on your MC level.

Stay tuned, cause your leads might start flowing in and be ready to assign them ASAP! 

We will be launching the campaign on the global linkedin page, so do check it out and share on your Linkedin page.

3. Global Operations

The synergy with the AI Partnership team has got me thinking a whole new level of collaboration. Things we are working on with them:

  • Youth Employment Report
  • Employers Branding for Global Partners
  • Content Collection from the Partners

My question to you is, how can you work with your PD/BD team better to collaborate on the B2B front?

4. Global Strategy

We will be sending out a sensing survey next week :)

5. Global insights

Our GST have crunched some data based on the Q3 Opportunity Opens. Some highlights:



B2B Updates 9th November 2016

In the last update we looked at the strategy card of B2B. I will be making the future updates based on the strategy card.

1. Global System (COP and EXPA)

With securing our new global vendor and transition, development is back on track!

We have proposed all the COP related bugs fix and some new features. Once developed, we will give you more updates.

2. Global B2B Marketing

The B2B Writer's crew is complete! Welcome Tara (The Netherlands), Asma (Tunisia) and Alex (Finland)! 

We are working on creating a Global B2B Campaign running from November to December for a period of 4 weeks using blogs, creatives on our Global Linkedin and Twitter. Since we never run a B2B Marketing campaign from the global level, this help us to decided if such campaigning makes sense based on the results. Also, we are expecting to provide a report to the network by end of December on HOW to Run Digital B2B Campaigns.

Stay tuned for our global page for more updates.

3. Global Operations

B2B have started synergising with AI Partnership Team on this. We have been planning on:

  • How to harvest content from the Global Partners?
  • Building Employer Branding Strategy with the Global Partners 
  • Youth Employability report - check this website out: https://www.tmistrategy.org/. Damn cool and we are thinking how can AIESEC also start positioning ourselves as experts in youth employability (GT GE focused) but not just SDGs (GV focused)

If you any good thoughts on this, email chuck at chuckc@ai.aiesec.org

4. Global Strategy

No progress yet. 

5. Global insights

Welcome your GST for Global analytics and strategy, Anil from Turkey and Sylvia from Colombia!

These 2 beautiful people are currently data mining on enablers! More update will be given. Also feel free to tell us what are the things you want us to look at.




B2B Updates 19th October 2016


What will we cover this week:

1. SOGA (a massive survey to understand entities around the world) analysis for B2B

2. Global B2B Strategy card

3. B2B GST Writers Crew Application!

4. Global stats for Opportunities Open in Q3 2016

1. SOGA Analysis

So in 2016 Q3 SOGA, we have asked a few questions for B2B mainly around the usage of COP! Below you can find some key findings and some of my thoughts:

1. Do you use COP? 2. Does your MC has a clear responsible for COP?

1. Do you use COP? 2. Does your MC has a clear responsible for COP?

3. Have you set a clear role with your LCs in regards to the response time after lead assignment?

3. Have you set a clear role with your LCs in regards to the response time after lead assignment?

4. How often does your MC assign leads on COP?

4. How often does your MC assign leads on COP?

5. What are you top 3 challenges when using COP?

5. What are you top 3 challenges when using COP?

My thoughts:

  1. As you can see, almost half of the MC do not use COP, and 32% do not have a COP responsible on the MC. It is fine if your MC is not working on COP or B2B strategy at all, that's ok. But what is important here is to understand these are real customers, real companies, real people out there trying to contact you. So make sure you are getting back to them, although you might not want to work with them yet! 
  2. If you no longer want to receive any leads from COP, please let me know asap by filling this form. We will take your country/ territory name down from the COP sign up portal. In this way, at least we are not creating a bunch of detractors saying AIESEC never gets back to us! If you are keeping your entity on the COP, make sure you check COP on a very regular basis! (EVERY 24 HOURS)

3. Top challenges people are facing with COP implementation for entities who are actually focusing on B2B are: 

  • 24% System related (hard to use the system, companies struggle with system and not having a CRM)
  • 21%  Attraction (don't have enough leads)
  • 13% Consideration (companies are not responding)
  • 9% LC are not engaged 

Based on these insights, we will be adjusting our focus on AI to implement B2B in the network. I have put these into 4 categories, in the chart below, you can see a comparison with the global B2C chart.


Solution1: As you know, we have some struggles with system in the past month, starting from next week, we will have more updates on stabilising the system and it will be my top priority this quarter to stabilise the system and fix the current bugs.

Solution2: Also, I will be building a Global B2B Writers Crew to tackle the challenges we are facing in Attraction and Consideration.

Solution3: We will be focusing on education for the network to understand how B2B works, especially on the LC level!

2. Global B2B Strategy Card

What do I do with this?

Here in the orange you can see all the things that My JD will incorporate. So if you wonder what do I do, here is the list. Also you can see we are missing a lot of system, strategy and operations compared to B2C, so my job this year is to make sure all these things are in place and running. As mentioned above, I will focusing on the GLOBAL SYSTEM, aka COP, first for now; building a content team; and recruit GST for Strategy, Education and insights.

3. Global B2B Writers Crew GST

As content strategy is my 2nd top priority, I will be recruiting a content team!Check out the application below. Note that the DDL is on 24th October Monday 1pm GMT +2.

You will be working with me and my lovely GST Tara on this project! Waiting for your application!

This is awesome Tara! She is the boss!

This is awesome Tara! She is the boss!




B2B Updates 12th Oct 2016


About LinkedIn

For those who were not at IC 2016 B2B functional track, make sure you check out the output here: http://bit.ly/IC2016B2B


I will be updating in the newsletter based on need of the network and progress of the project. One thing we clarified at IC 2016 was, since in the Global Roadmap we are not yet prioritising the B2B related projects, my main focus for B2B is to ensure the current knowledge and information is communicated to the network. We won’t have any new progress until we start working on the B2B related projects. This will require all of you to work independently and make sure you are learning form each other. 


Customer Flow

With the excitement of customer flow being implemented in Youth, a lot of you guys have been asking about the Customer Flow for Enablers. So far we do not have any global guideline or focus on creating one. However, I do invite all of you guys who have the capacity to start understanding what could be inside the Customer Flow for Enablers. Some key questions I’d like to ask you are:


  • How do I am utilising enablers ot enable leadership in youth?
  • What is the role of the enablers in this?
  • What is the state of my entity for balancing push and pull strategy?
  • How am I ensuring a great satisfactions for the enablers?
  • How am I tracking the satisfaction of complaints of the enablers and acting upon them?


We always encourage you to work on your own idea as I mentioned during B2B fictional track at IC. So if you have some good thoughts on this, feel free to upload it in CandyBox -> Enablers -> Customer Flow : http://bit.ly/CF4enablers


I have included a iGT CF concept document that I worked on last year in the MC and you can take a look.


B2B Attraction

I have been getting requests from some entities regarding opening Linkedin Page, the state of the network for Linkdein:


  • MCs have Linkedin page already and active
  • MCs have Linkedin page already and non active
  • MCs don’t have Linkedin page and willing to open 
  • MCs don’t have Linkedin page and do no want to open


We had a call with Linkedin office today and here is a few updates:


  1. For MCs having linkedin page and non active, it’s suggested to close the page because it does not look professional and will harm the brand of AIESEC.
  2. For MCs having linkdein page and active, we will link your page to the Global Page so you can get more reach from the global side. However in order to do this, I need to receive a Linkedin social media plan regarding how are you going to use the page with content calendar. 
  3. For MCs don’t have a linked in page and willing to open one, please get in touch with me by 18th October with a social media plan and content calendar, and the email of the responsible person for Linkedin admin. We will send your information to Linkedin and your page will be created.
  4. For MCs don’t have a Linkedin page and do not have the capacity to manage, feel free to direct the traffic to the global Linkedin page. Since the global Linkedin page is directing traffic to global website and further COP and further to your respective entities, you can by all means by contacted.




B2B Consideration

On the global website under the Company page, there is an enquiry button. If any companies make an enquiry, I will be directly forwarding the email to the BD responsible of the MC, (if BD function is not available, I have been forwarding it to the ICX responsible) Make sure you promptly follow up with these leads to convert them to customers.


Global B2B Content Strategy Sensing Form

If your entity is already creating B2B content, let us know!

Don't be selfish ;)


This is Fernando, GST B2C Hacker!

As you know right now we are aiming for all entities to reach 100% of CF implementation and ONE of the main things to make this happen is EDUCATION.

So are you ready for this?

There is this thing called: Good Case Practice

So basically what we ask as the B2C Hacking Team, is for you to map out your good practice and share it with the network in order for us to GROW TOGETHER.

If you are doing something or have done something that contributes to achieve 100% (Either for 20%, 50% or 100%) - CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING IMAGE TO GO TO THE FORM TO SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE [DON’T BE SELFISH =)] 


If you are still wondering what a best practice is WATCH THIS VIDEO.

P.S. We're also open to all kinds of B2C GCPs - so share away! 

LINK: Bit.ly/CFgcps

DDL: September 30, 2016

Don’t hesitate to contact the B2C Hackers Team: