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Asia Pacific Hub is a platform created by AP Leaders for AP Leaders. It is a platform that allowed more leaders that plug and play, collaborate and complete share knowledge and work to better and bigger impact.  It consists of AP resource, weekly AP analysis report, Monthly Growth Hacking Corner and LEAD Corner. For better AP, we are, AP, hot to go! 


Imagine, what if with one resource hub all of countries in Asia Pacific can be connected. Here we go, the AP Resource documents. It is an update resource from around of AP. You can share and read many different good case practice, frameworks and tools inside. 


Do you want to know what happens on around Asia Pacific's operation? Here is the analysis report on each sub-regional of AP. 

This report is very useful for your entity in order to help on partnership, open collaboration and get some insight on how we can grow bigger and stronger in our operation. 


Not only report, we provide you a monthly AP newsletter. It will excite you with monthly campaign, sub regional updates, conference & events update around AP, and get your monthly webinar. 

This newsletter aims to give you an update and attractive equipment for you to lead you team fearless and make ONE AP Hot to go happens. 


Growth worth spreading. Growth Hacking Corner is more than Good Case Practice Sharing, it is a movement to spreading more impact to youth around the world through our products. 

Igv good case pratice : aiesec in SRILANKA

How does this stories contribute to your operational growth? e.g productivity increased by 100%, growth in approved by 200%

123% growth iGCDP realizations. We mainly focused on members last year. They handled our customers.

What are your main 3 strategies

Focused on member development.

2.Strong manager level in iGCDP.

3.Mentoring iGCDP TLs throug VPs.



LEAD Sharing Corner is a space for us to pause, connect and move on for better leadership journey as a leader. Take a time to breath and join this sharing corner.