AIESEC's Leadership Development Model

Leadership development is not optional, it's the essence of our organisation.

Leadership Development is at the core of our organisation. We have come a long way to realise the Clarity of Why We Do What We Do and what kind of leaders we want to develop. Now, AIESEC's Leadership Development Model details how are we going to execute this on a day to day to level. At core, we are here to serve.

1. three parts of LDM

No! LDM is not just about World Citizen, Solution Oriented ... etc. There are 3 parts to this model. 


Part1: The Leadership Quality

The Leadership Quality describes the outcome of the leadership development journey we provide to our customers. The 4 leadership qualities are what we want to see our customers get after going on an exchange or finishing a team experience. 

Part 2: The Inner & Outer Journey

This is a personal journey that the our customers go through in an AIESEC exchange. In order to develop the 4 Leadership Qualities, a customer needs to go through a complete inner and a complete outer journey. 

Part3: Standards & Satisfactions

SnS is what AIESEC facilitates. It describes the daily activities a team of AIESECers need to execute in order to facilitate a complete Outer Journey for our customers. You must be thinking what about the Inner Journey? While we can't really directly facilitate a inner journey, in the end, it's a personal journey of our customer. What we can do is to facilitate the complete Out Journey to host the Inner Journey.

2. What's all in Value Delivery?

As we strive towards becoming a customer-centric organization, we move our focus to providing better value delivery for our customers.

But how, you may ask?

Inside this booklet, you will find a Value Delivery Bucket List, which is essentially a directory of the things you can do, yet also is not limited to it.

We are also developing content for each of the category and they will gradually updated. 

Each category has very clear Call To Actions on the LC level, so go ahead, read up and implement the actions!

OGX Side

ICX Side



As we know, inside the 16 S&S, Standard 15 and 16 are defined as Leadership Development Spaces delivered by the host and home, respectively.

What we aim to do is to use LEAD to facilitate leadership development in the experiences we deliver.

In order to execute a LEAD strategy in your entity, the following 3 parts of LEAD should be carefully thought through.  

1. LEAD Content based on 12 Defining Elements

2. LEAD Facilitation

3. LEAD Environment

Let's start with the LEAD content

In the section below, we will be launching LEAD Content based on the 12 defining elements! All these contents are carefully designed by AIESEC International to ensure your entity at least have one global set of content to use. If you are looking into designing your LEAD Content, make sure you are well aware of the 48 Measuring Characteristics, if not, please contact Chuck at:

(P.S. Designing LEAD Content requires a lot of research and effort, we would only recommend you to do so if you have the capacity.)

Click on the image to download the LEAD sessions

LEAD Pilot

From September onwards, AI will be working with 1o entities to pilot LEAD in their perspective entities. 

The main question we have is: how can we make sure we evolve AIESEC into an organisation that can truly deliver on the promise we made about leadership?

Check out the LEAD Pilot page for more information.

What's next?

In September AIESEC International will be focusing on:

  • Finalising LEAD content
  • Creating a prototype for Virtual LEAD
  • Value Delivery Education is being updated on this page

Meanwhile, we will be running the LEAD pilot with 10 entities.

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