Success Stories of Customer Flow Implementation

Listen to Success Stories around the world about CF implementation!

One Step Forward

With the new generation of EBs at the LCs, we decided to move 100% to OP. Our message was simply switching our CRM from Podio to Expa. We had in mind that the smoothest the messages, the simplest and fastest the change, focusing on the next step and not in the actual "change". How to keep our whole network informed? Information Capsules covering different edges. (By our official youtube channel: - Check the playlist!)

AIESEC in Argentina, story about: Opportunity Portal Usage. Link to GCP files

Customer Centric Financial Model

If you're one of AIESEC customer, would you want to pay before getting know the products/services? NO! If we trust our service quality and values, your customer would not run away because they will believe what you believe. Value and impact is what we want but not just numbers or money.

AIESEC in Malaysia. Story about: Financial Model Change in OGX. Link to GCP files.

Is it possible to grow while implementing Financial Model Changes?

We've decided to change our financial model in 2014 and the reason we did this was being more customer-centric organization. Even though we had huge problems at the beginning (Cash flow, EP Management etc..) we organised a lot of summits to talk about CF and Financial Model to be on the same page as a whole entity.It has changed our entire OGX processes and at the end, we managed to grow in both areas.

Entity: AIESEC in Turkey. Story about: Financial Model Change in OGX. Link to GCP files

The forgotten late adopters

Since the beginning of this term AIESEC in Ethiopia has taken the path to charge GT EPs on approved since this drives more trust from our customers. The main reason why we had this change is because we realized some mistakes from last term, that brought about lots of non-converted but interested specially GT applicants on EXPA.

Following the new online movement, we also had to align to what's happening on-ground by changing from how we approach interested applicants, sell project slot specific opportunities to how customers pay to be part of opportunities. In other words, this new financial model is helping us to increase our conversion rate, by increasing the trust from customers, encouraging our applicants to apply for more opportunities available and keep them happy without worrying about money.

Entity: AIESEC in Ethiopia. Story about: Opportunity Portal Usage. Link to GCP files

It's never the right time to start, but you must start now!

After the customer-centric flows were introduced in IC 2014 in August, our MC brought the change to our President's Meeting in September 2014. We were explained why the change was necessary, what needed to happen and what to consider.

We had the deadline of changing on the 1st January 2015, so all issues were resolved in the meantime. Since then, we've monitored our revenues closely and made changes to our national financial model to accommodate. 

Entity: AIESEC in Australia. Story about: Financial Model Change in OGX. Link to GCP files

Customer obsessed AIESEC

For the sake of customer obsession, we invited all the LCPs to plan with us on how to remove unnecessary barriers for customer before they go through an AIESEC experience. We came up with moving to open platform with the help of lead nurturing system and a CRM.

After getting the network on board, now we're looking fwd to improve the lead nurturing framework to always be more customer obsessed. 

Entity: AIESEC in Australia. Story about: Opportunity Portal Usage. Link to GCP files

Being ahead of the curve

AIESEC in Uruguay has tried to keep up with the customer-centric mindset since at the global level we started to discuss our new customer flow and the innovations it brought along. Our first big milestone was changing our financial model and charging our EPs in Match and the success we had with this evolution showed us the importance of putting our clients first.


AIESEC in Uruguay. Story about: Financial Model Change in OGX. Link to GCP files

Opportunity to give more Opportunities

Becoming more customer oriented means to develop ourselves and be prepared for the consequences, and it is kind of scary. But it is even scarier to avoid changing for our comfort and letting our customers interests at second place. That was what made AIESEC in Uruguay decide to change its processes regarding Opportunity Portal usage.

Entity: AIESEC in Uruguay. Story about: Opportunity Portal Usage. Link to GCP files

Digital transformation in Panama

We kept using Product Package as the main strategy. So for that to work we needed to maintain our EPs focused through our promotion with specific projects. We aligned LCs to not be afraid of the OP, because we were aware of the risks. By maintaining this, we had to attract our EPs throughout our website.

Entity: AIESEC in Panama. Story about: Opportunity Portal Usage. Link to GCP files

Customer Centricity Through Finance

We changed from charging an EP twice to only once and being more Customer Oriented.  Why? A simple process for the EP. Entity: AIESEC in Lebanon.

Entity: AIESEC in Lebanon. Story about: Financial Model Change in OGX. Link to GCP files

Customer Flow Shenanigans

We've changed our entire customer flow across all our programmes to match what happens on EXPA. This means that we eliminated the signing up of potential EPs on any platform other than EXPA, thus making us more customer centric and making the lives of our EPs much easier.

Entity: AIESEC in Lebanon. Story about: Opportunity Portal Usage. Link to GCP files

No more Podio forms: All on EXPA

After re-planning in January, we decided to change our OGX model to 100% payment on match. It required changes in finance, marketing and OGX (customer management) but today all our entities work with this new model. Now we provide much more value to our customers leveraging on our platforms.


Entity: AIESEC in UK. Story about: Opportunity Portal UsageLink to GCP files.

Who and what to think about when changing your financial model

When changing the financial model in AIESEC UK we ensured we are making an informed decision and have taken into account any materials and tools that we could have - in particular cash flow projections.


We've also understood the importance of treating each group of the stakeholders differently and have on-boarded them through different touchpoints, e.g. Board Meeting, functional summits, national conference etc.

Entity: AIESEC in UK. Story about: Financial Model Change in OGX. Link to GCP files

Everything is possible if you know why you do it

After the main changes happened in CF , AIESEC in Turkey was one of the first entities which used only OP for all our activities. In order to have balance in our operations, we focused on our marketing strategies. LEAD Nurturing was the biggest focus on the marketing side. In order to track our EPs in the best way possible, we used EP buddy system for everyone on OP.


Entity: AIESEC in Turkey. Story about: Opportunity Portal Usage. Link to GCP files

a road of digital transformation

Youth are the most active on social media. We are free to express and connect with each other, more willing than we do physically in most cases. AIESEC has long created a digital presence through major social media channels and creative contents. However, such presence were not being able to convert to business insights driving operational behaviours.


The focus in 1415 term was to build connections between presence and business. The strategies were implemented to construct the marketing funnel and collect business intelligence along the way. Meanwhile, we worked on building a stronger back end of the system to collect and better showcase data further creating a more data driven and analytical organisation. 

Entity: AIESEC in India. Story about: Aligning the Digital Ecosystem in your entity. Link to GCP files

GCP LEAD contents and system for hosting entity

LEAD has been like teenage sex, everyone talks about it, no one knows how to do it properly. We segmented the project into 3 phases - content development, system development and train the trainers. Now we are at phase 3 of the project.



Entity: AIESEC in India. Story about: LEAD for EPs (as hosting entity). Link to GCP files

Using NPS to direct CX strategy

For long, we have been in darkness without a proper NPS data. We've decided to send out our own surveys. Based on the surveys, solid data were collected. To improve our NPS score, MC and ECB are now working closely to prepare for summer peak value delivery.



Entity: AIESEC in India. Story about: Using NPS to direct CX strategy. Link to GCP files

En route utopia

AIESEC India is renowned in the network for its numbers. We have long shared the center stage among the top entities in terms of number of exchanges that we do. This time round, we will be addressing one of the major shortcomings - quality .In order to do so, we need to push ourselves to utmost perfection.

To a land where there is nothing short of perfection. Towards Utopia.

Entity: AIESEC in India. Story about: Implementing ECB in your entity. Link to GCP files