Sooo, We actually aligned OPS and IPS!


One of the biggest problems we constantly face is improper expectation setting with EPs from home and host side! Which leads to a lot of challenges when things don't always go as planned. Secondly, a big issue we face is that leadership development...tends to be missing from our OPS and IPS.

So. We decided to do the work for you. 

We are not joking!

We actually aligned OPS & IPS PLUS included LDA debriefing!

Have a look & get started below!


This is the most basic agenda with the minimums of what you must cover and align between OPS and IPS.

The resources you will find below:

  • Agenda + Session Outlines 
  • Editable PPTs
  • PDF PPTs

Feel free to add more sessions as you see fit; this agenda was created to ensure we set the RIGHT expectations with Standards included, and also to ensure we embed LDA and leadership development effectively inside both OPS and IPS.

As for the PPTs attached below, they were created to cover these basic topics. Feel free to edit it/change the style to your own.

Make sure you use our resources to deliver perfect LEAD based on defining elements!




We didn't forget the importance of Reintegration. And guess what, we aligned it too! Have a look at the guide below!