Everything you need to know about 50%

At 50%, your focus is ensuring your youth marketing strategy for AIESEC is aligned to the needs of new generations. This requires us to be conscious about the digital experience each of our customers goes through.

For an entity at 50% of implementation, three things must happen:

  • Simple Digital Experience - only 4 clicks until YOP sign up

  • Lead Nurturing for conversion***

  • All opportunities follow ICX Opportunity Posting Guideline (below)


***UPDATED AS OF 09.21.2016: This has been changed from "Email Lead Nurturing" to simply Lead Nurturing.

ICX Opportunity Posting Guideline

As the new customer flow transforms AIESEC to be more customer and leadership-centric, the roles of marketing and entity partnerships are changing to support it. In particular, one of the important things we need to take into consideration is how we are marketing our ICX opportunities to young people on the platform. 

Are the Job/Project titles interesting? Are the images attractive? Are young people inspired to click and read more?

In order to ensure our digital evolution, we need to strategically market to our customers abroad - young people applying to internships in our entities. 

We developed the ICX Opportunity Posting Guideline for you to better showcase your opportunities on our platform. Check it out below.

Reached 100%?

Every step is done? Congratulations!

Now, read about the next stage, 100%!