Everything you need to know about 100%

At this stage, Value Delivery is our expertise in AIESEC, and every customer is a happy customer that receives the value we promise, leadership development.

For an entity to achieve 100%, three things must happen:

  • Every entity ensures LEAD is based on Defining Elements
  • Every EP/intern receives the 16 S&S

  • Every entity has an Entity Control Board (ECB) in place

Once complete, the focus is to take value delivery beyond!

Read about our Pilots

No AIESEC entity has reached the expert level in value delivery. However some of them have been participating in pilot initiatives about it:

  • Early Adopters: 6 national entities driving 100% of changes in the customer flow parallel.
  • Leadership-Centered AIESEC Pilots: 5 local entities piloting different structures and value delivery strategies since last semester.

Completed everything?


Now your mission is to take Value Delivery beyond!