Talent Management Resources from The Network

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Global TM Hub

This is a global Google drive where MCVPs TM store and share their booklets, tools, materials, strategies & processes implementations, and GCPs, for anyone to consult and use in their respective entities.

Organization Capacity


Recruiting the best talent for the organization and have talents that are aligned with the organization are like being ahead of the curve in the starting point. It makes us easier to engage them and less effort to make them more productive.


Induction is a crucial step to retain our new members and increase organization's productivity.

Team Minimum Implementation

After recruiting the membership, every team leader need to retain their member. It's not only TM jobs to retain them, but every team leader. Then how can TM play a role to have a system for it and educate team leader to do it?


Continuation is the most crucial thing, especially for a dynamic organization like AIESEC.

IXP Internal Marketing

What are the Internal Marketing strategies and product value proposition of IXP

How to Engage Your EB after Elections

After elections, some EB or LCP candidates start to get disengaged . How can we create an environment to support them passing through this tough time ?

LEAD Implementation

In order for us to stay true to our core value proposition, we need to develop leadership in every experience that we deliver. Implementing LEAD as a companion for customer's inner and outer journey is a must, in fact it's a part of our S&S.