Global Volunteer and the SDGs

Building AIESEC for the World


“Global Volunteers” is an opportunity for a young person to develop leadership qualities by living a cross-cultural volunteer experience. In the product a young person volunteers abroad on social impact projects that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Here's a great example:


We partner with academic institutions, civil society organizations, private sector and the government to provide to young people global volunteer experiences on projects contributing to the SDGs, through which young people develop themselves while impacting local communities and organizations.

Going through the output.

What is my role as MCP?

What is my role as oGV/MKT?

What is my role as iGV?

Aligning my projects to the SDGs

If You Need To Create SDG-Aligned Projects


How to downscale to my Local Committees?

The output of this summit is designed to be understandable and usable by anyone who needs guidelines to align its projects to SDGs. Nevertheless, there are some aspects that, as a national board, you should be taking into consideration:

Timeline of implementation:

By the end of the year all your projects should be align to achieve so you need to ensure the downscaling at a local level. The main steps you should work on are:

    •    Education at an MC and at a local level: Be sure to read to output of the SDG summit and to downscale it to your LCs. When presenting the SDG alignment process to your network be sure to start from the why: we are not only rebranding our projects but we are taking part in something that will shape the world for the next 15 years.Educate also on all the implications that follow the alignment to avoid confusion. We strongly suggest to use a physical or virtual touchpoint (GV summit or webinar) to gather inputs from the local realities: many of the inputs given here need to be customized therefore forwarding this material might not be enough.

    •     Alignment of national portfolio: go through the framework provided and align your national project.

    •     Support and track the alignment of the local projects: We suggest to have someone in the MC responsible to track and support the alignment of local projects. You can gather all aligned project in one unique drive in order to be able to give feedbacks and also share local GCPs.

    •    Track and support in the implications management: Give clear guidelines to the LC on:

1.       How to measure the impact of their local projects and to report

2.       How to build strategic partneships: learing partners to work on the methodology of the project, cooperation with the SDG ambassadors of the SDGs, etc.

3.       How to adapt their operational flow