Over time, we remain true to our essence – The AIESEC Way

Before going into the AIESEC 2020 dreaming process we needed to be clear on those things which are unique to our organisation and defined why we exist, how we achieve our mission, what we do and who we are. Those things are reflected in the AIESEC way which was updated in 2015 to simplify it, engaging almost 1000 members of AIESEC globally who wanted to contribute. You may download the refreshed version below

About AIESEC 2020

It is a mid-term ambition is a milestone towards the achievement of AIESEC’s mission of Peace and Fulfilment of Humankind’s Potential

We want to create a mid-term ambition that shows us a clear strategic direction with measurable progress, challenges AIESEC and refreshes the ambition and excitement, and aligns what we do with the worlds needs.

What are the elements of 2020?

AIESEC 2020 Ambition: The Statements which answer what we want AIESEC to become by 2020.

AIESEC 2020 Strategy: A roadmap that tell us how to get there, the main focus areas for every entity and the kind of AIESEC Experience we want to deliver to our customers

AIESEC 2020 Goal Setting: Clarity on the goal setting logic and redefined measure of success for the organizations so we understand if we're being successful, know our targets and can measure our impact.

What happened at IC 2015?

At International Congress 2015, India 800 delegates came together to co-create the AIESEC 2020 ambition statements for the next 5 generations. AIESECers from all over the world will came together to dream about a bigger and better AIESEC on behalf of their entities and answer the power question:What do we want AIESEC to become by 2020 in order to move closer to engaging and developing every young person in the world? Online delegates followed the process live to share their insights.

We also started a discussion on theAIESEC experience evolution, looking into how different stages and programs should evolve based on the AIESEC 2020 Statements.

AIESEC 2020 Launch Video

The Journey at IC 2016

To answer this question, we went through a journey of 3 steps and we lived this experience in tribes of 80 people, hosted by AIESEC International and the 2020 process design team members

  1. Reviewed the past
  2. Focused on the present
  3. Dreamed our ideal future and came to common ground

The Powerful Question

To assure that the process works, we need to have a question that will drive the journey of co-creation and ensure that we don’t lose sight of the AIESEC way - the essence of AIESEC.

The Powerful Question:

What do we want AIESEC to become by 2020 in order to move closer to engaging and developing every young person in the world?

The Method Used

To answer the powerful question we used the Future search method adapted to AIESEC reality. The purpose of the process was to provide outcomes that were used for crafting 2020 statements.

Why Future Search?

  • Focused Common ground between diverse people and opinions
  • Allows one to explore the big picture before making decision
  • Takes into account not only strengths, but also improvements of the current organizational
  • Allows one to put external trends into the discussion
  • No “deep” preparation needed from the delegates

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that there a lot of questions to be answered. Below are some frequently asked questions, we hope they help. Feel free to also contact us at the bottom of the website.

Q: How do we transition from 2015 to 2020?

The 2020 statements bring ambition and big dreams to the network. The best way to transition into 2020 is to convert the ambition and big dreams into action by delivering 60k high quality experiences as a network. 60,000 exchange experiences is a global goal of AIESEC for term 2015-16, which is a sum of all entities goals for this term. Use the ambition and dreams to test innovative and groundbreaking ideas to achieve your goal.

QShould we make our own 2020 statements and why is it not recommended to create a local or entity 2020 statements?

AIESEC 2020 was created with the aim to unite the entire AIESEC network in ambition and direction and provide laser-like focus for the network as a whole. The 2020 statements themselves were formed as a result of a comprehensive bottom-up process with representation from the entire network. Hence, we suggest for all entities to use the AIESEC 2020 statements and align its meaning for the entity instead of creating separate ones. The way to customize it to each reality is with a roadmap after the global roadmap is launched at IPM2016 in March.

Q: What is the AIESEC 2020 roadmap?

The AIESEC 2020 Ambition gives us a picture of the AIESEC we want to become. The AIESEC 2020 Roadmap will provide clarity on things we need to focus on for the next 5 years and the expected progress every year towards achieving our 2020 Ambition ( the statements). The Global 2020 roadmap will include global focus areas for the next 5 years based on the statements with the suggested action. It will be broad for the entities to be able to customize it for their reality and implement it better. Every year it will be updated based on the external context and opportunities.

Q: Should we make our own roadmap?

Right now, our focus is to gather as much input as possible on the roadmap from the network to create a global one and launch it at IPM 2016. The roadmap will guide our organisational effort toward our common focus. That means that until IPM 2016 you shouldn’t create your own roadmap, just host a conversation and provide inputs on it until October, 20th here. Think big! You are creating action-plan for AIESECers who will join us in years 2016-2020! After IPM 2016, in March we will have clarity on the next steps and you will be able to align it to your entity reality.

Q: What does each statement exactly mean?

At IC2015, we gathered all the dreams of the delegates and put them into simple words. Now together with the roadmap inputs, we want to engage everyone in the description of the statements that will help identify focus areas for the roadmap. Until IPM 2016 the meaning of the statements is broad in order to ensure that everyone can give their input. To get a sensing on the dreams behind you can view “the forward” slide before the statements. Please provide your inputs on the roadmap and the meaning of statements until 20th of October on this website, so we can consolidate the meaning behind statements taking your input in consideration.

Q: After the inputs, are the statements going to change?

No, the words will stay the same. The inputs are focused on the meaning behind the words. After the inputs, we will have clarity on what each statement exactly means and it will be translated into focus areas for the AIESEC 2020 roadmap.

Q: What should we do now about AIESEC 2020 in our entity/LC? How can you contribute to 2020?

  • Deliver as much leadership experiences that set the initial steps for a disruptive growth. 2020 starts with your actions every day! The best way possible to enter 2020, is with the right foot, achieving your entity goals to reach a global goal of 60,000 exchanges in term 2015-16.
  • Make sure you understand Roadmap and your contribution to the Global Plan!

Q: What would be the targets of AIESEC 2020?

Targets of AIESEC 2020 will be set during IC 2017 in Colombia.  

Q: How can I align my entity towards AIESEC 2020?

The best way to do it is to launch the statements, host a conversation on the roadmap and meaning behind the 2020 statements. Creating your own roadmap or goals at this moment will generate difficulties to align the entire network towards 2020 in the future. We already started active implementation of AIESEC 2020 roadmap,

Q:Why are the statements so short/general?

The 2020 statements represent the dreams and ambition of the network and not the strategy towards getting here. We also wanted statements that could be remembered easily and that’s why we focused on simplicity: the short and straightforward statement, lazer-focused. We also didn’t want to box the organization through the statements and chose to balance between focused yet general statements.

Q: Where is the quality part in the statements?

The AIESEC Way including our values imply that we strive for the best in everything we do which includes quality AIESEC experiences. This is a core part of the organization that is embedded in the @way and hence must be followed. Our ambition is to become a movement for youth leadership which means that we cannot focus only on numerical growth: we want to make sure every experience we deliver is developing leadership.

Q: How did the consolidation happen?

After the delegates at IC invested in the outcomes they felt the strongest, the outcomes were taken into consolidation. A group of 7 MCPs from the network were selected based on their profile and network representation along with 9 MCVP and 4 LCPs that made the 2020 working group to provide feedback and gather further input from the delegates.

The consolidation team as part of their preparation reflected on the essence of the organizations ( the AIESEC way), were briefed on the type of statements we aimed to create(simple, sharp, to the point), defined their role and the roles of the other teams involved in the consolidation process and then begun grouping common themes till acceptable outcomes were produced for further feedback.

The consolidation team then went through 2 feedback rounds with the working group and 3 feedback rounds with Global Steering team (comprised of 2 MCPs per region) till finally approved by the Steering team to take to the MCPs. After one feedback round with the MCPs, the final statements were presented to the network and approved by the MCPs on behalf of the network.


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