Capitalising on Youth Speak

This page contains the information and output of the first YouthSpeak Summit held in Brazil, Sao Paulo from the April 16th - 20th, 2016

Why were we there?
1. Build the examples on how we can capitaliseon YouthSpeak data internally and externally

2. Clarify responsibilities and needed synergies within the MC team, MC-LC relations to improve the impact of the initiative

3. Change the way we know YouthSpeak and understand it’s evolution

Why do we run Youth Speak?

YouthSpeak is not only a survey run to learn about the needs of today’s youth, is not only the way we can build engagement around AIESEC, is not only additional value that we can bring to the private sector. It became bigger than that. It’s one of the tools that can bring us closer to AIESEC 2020.

To get valuable insights to improve our operations and create additional value for the stakeholders

To grow our engagement by allowing every young person to speak up

To align our operations to stay relevant and reflect what is happening in the world

How The YouthSpeak Data Can Be Used?

“Without data you are just another person with an opinion” - Edwards Deming

Without data we are just another organisation with an opinion. So, how can validate our opinion, how can we ensure that our value proposition is relevant and the products are trustworthy? In todays world, majority of our stakeholders are driven by facts, insights relevant in the context they live and work. YouthSpeak Data is our main tool to answer their needs.


What Is Inside The Output? (Click To View)