AIESEC to Youth: Customer Flow

Our mission is to provide the best possible leadership development for young people through AIESEC.

From the moment a young person first hears about AIESEC, he/she enters the Youth Customer Flow (CF). The CF describes the entire journey they go through until the moment they finish their experience. It is our responsibility to implement customer-oriented strategies through this journey to ensure our mission is fulfilled, where leadership is developed in every single one of our youth customers.


Evolving the journey of our youth customers is a crucial step to start making AIESEC 2020 happen, which is why we've created a framework for any entity in the network to implement the new customer flow for young people.

If you're new at this, it's time to Get Started. If you've already been implementing the flow, check out our three phases: 20%, 50% or 100%. 

Click below to plan your way to aspire towards 100%!

Taking Value delivery beyond

You're interested and ready to take the Customer Flow beyond?

Understand how you can advance your marketing and also review your LC/MC structures to become more customer-oriented and provide greater value for your customers!

Do you know where your entity is at?

We have a LIVE Fearless Dashboard for you to constantly check how is your entity doing on implementing Customer Flow!

This is updated on a weekly basis for you to see who is moving - let's all aim towards 100% implementation for all of AIESEC!


Note: In order to update it, MCPs or MCVPs responsible for CF need to submit the survey as changes happen!