Communicate EFFECTIVELY in Diverse Environments

Communication becomes the most important skill in 21st century. In the context of globalization, communication became an ART which demands practice. That is why often we have a distortion between what we communicate and what the people we communicate to understood.

How can you be “more present” in the next conversation you will have? Communicate Differently and Listen Proactively. This is how you can practice curiosity as a way of communication:

  • Ask open questions. 
  • Don’t give advices. 
  • Don’t say “I had exactly same situation …..” 
  • Make a conscious effort to listen with understanding. 
  • Try to practice understanding beyond just words - look at gestures, body postures etc. 

And here are 5 simple thoughts for you in order to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY:

  1. Observe and Act - Listen with your eyes as well as your ears. Be curious and ask!
  2. Keep it Simple - In the chaos of the information around us, everyone appreciate being “to the point”. Don’t make it hard for people to hear you!
  3.  Ensure people understood - “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” G.B. Shaw. Take a pause while speaking and ask: “what did you understand from what I just said?”
  4. Respect Cultural Differences - Move from judgement to curiosity. Count to 10 and ask yourself 4 “why is this so different?”
  5. Enhance Your Vocabulary - Spend time on understanding what is the meaning of the words you use. Make a strong friendship with the dictionary.