How AIESEC in Brazil is cracking the LDA

Leadership Develop Assessment (LDA) is a tool made for measure the 4 LDM qualities of our members and EPs. This tool point out which characteristic of LDM he or she has more or less developed based on 12 defining elements. The assessment is based on self image, meaning the Exchange Participant assess himself or herself based on the his or her own perception and also but also assess how much AIESEC have contributed to their leadership development. And guess what - AIESEC in Brazil just cracked the LDA, and they have managed to break it down to their members nationally! Check it yourself how they did it below.

'Scuse me, LD-What?!

Chill! Here's a simple 3-minutes explanation about what LDA is:

LDA (Leadership Development Assessment) is a tool made for measure the 4 LDM qualities. The tool point out which characteristics the member or EP have more and less developed based on the 12 defining elements.

With this assessment, OGX will get insights about your self image and will be able to know how AIESEC can contribute for the leadership development. And ICX responsibility is create an environment for the EP to will and understand the importance of the Exit LDA for his development – And not less importantly, to follow the checkpoints that will help the EP to see and foster his own development.

Initially the member or the EP will take 48 questions based on their self-image. The outcome of these questions come from their own perspective. The member or EP will also receive the exit assessment 15 days before his/her experience, the 96 questions are based on self image and AIESEC’s contribution for their development. To acess the test, the member or EP must have an account on EXPA or OPP. This means that the EP or member should apply for a OP or a role in the platform.

Suggestions on filling out the test:

•Be in a quiet place
•Take a time to reflect on your previous experiences before filling the test
•Be sincere, don’t try to manipulate the test
•Don’t be in a hurry to fill the test
•There are 48 simple and direct questions, it will take no more than 10 minutes for you to fill the test

How do I use it?