Performing: Regular Team Days

Performing: Regular Team Days

Team Day is an informal, team building space, which focuses on strengthening interpersonal bonds among the team members. But, beware, because "informal" is not the same as "disorganized". Strive to avoid that as much as possible.

Conversation Guide: Follow Up on LDA

In this follow up guide on the LDA you can find ways to:

  1. Have each customer accountable and on board during the experience and aware about his/her leadership and personal/professional development (catering to LDA results)
  2. Getting feedback on the experience by co-creating the solutions (to foster solution-orientation as well)
  3. Offer space for self-reflection and development

In order to guide the leadership journey of your EPs, you can use this framework and the assessment in it:

Value Delivery Summit

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 18.42.42.png

As we evolve, the core value of AIESEC becomes more prevalent in the work that we do. We know & believe leadership is the fundamental solution, and that it's in our hands to ensure we develop it in young people.

We've been able to move beyond simply executing exchange operations. Rather, our purpose is to provide better value to customers! It's about understanding the leadership journey young people go through.

Yet, are we doing this well? Are we doing this for every single customer? Can we say we impact them in the way we promise?

We know we can provide much greater value to customers!


With all this in mind, find the output of the Value Delivery Summit, which brought together 8 individuals across two regions plus AIESEC International to hack the current state of our Value Delivery in AIESEC.

What you'll find is more than just booklets for implementation, but rather TANGIBLE resources you can print/download & start using now! 



We have a simple one-pager document you can provide with ALL the links to resources from the summit! Secondly, find all editable files below! Please ensure you ONLY use LATO, and that your members are also aware of branding!

Wondering How to Make Value Delivery Happen?

More than ever, it is necessary for us to embed LDA inside all of our operations! With that in mind, we made some resources that tackle Value Delivery to focus more on LDA and developing leadership in every intern!


Many times we get lost in our LCs on how to delivery value in our EP's experience. How can we use the LDA to personalize our customer's journey? Here you can find an experience map that gives you actions in different stages of the exchange!

Don't lose time and start implementing it! 

want to hack your cUstOmer experience even more? 

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 15.28.58.png


Learn how to onboard your enablers to provide a better experience to our EPs. We made a How-to Guide just for them, which also correlates to the Experience Map!


Here's a Conversation Guide to support you in discussing leadership development for each of your interns throughout their experience!

Sooo, We actually aligned OPS and IPS!


One of the biggest problems we constantly face is improper expectation setting with EPs from home and host side! Which leads to a lot of challenges when things don't always go as planned. Secondly, a big issue we face is that leadership development...tends to be missing from our OPS and IPS.

So. We decided to do the work for you. 

We are not joking!

We actually aligned OPS & IPS PLUS included LDA debriefing!

Have a look & get started below!


This is the most basic agenda with the minimums of what you must cover and align between OPS and IPS.

The resources you will find below:

  • Agenda + Session Outlines 
  • Editable PPTs
  • PDF PPTs

Feel free to add more sessions as you see fit; this agenda was created to ensure we set the RIGHT expectations with Standards included, and also to ensure we embed LDA and leadership development effectively inside both OPS and IPS.

As for the PPTs attached below, they were created to cover these basic topics. Feel free to edit it/change the style to your own.

Make sure you use our resources to deliver perfect LEAD based on defining elements!




We didn't forget the importance of Reintegration. And guess what, we aligned it too! Have a look at the guide below!


Communicate EFFECTIVELY in Diverse Environments

Communication becomes the most important skill in 21st century. In the context of globalization, communication became an ART which demands practice. That is why often we have a distortion between what we communicate and what the people we communicate to understood.

How can you be “more present” in the next conversation you will have? Communicate Differently and Listen Proactively. This is how you can practice curiosity as a way of communication:

  • Ask open questions. 
  • Don’t give advices. 
  • Don’t say “I had exactly same situation …..” 
  • Make a conscious effort to listen with understanding. 
  • Try to practice understanding beyond just words - look at gestures, body postures etc. 

And here are 5 simple thoughts for you in order to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY:

  1. Observe and Act - Listen with your eyes as well as your ears. Be curious and ask!
  2. Keep it Simple - In the chaos of the information around us, everyone appreciate being “to the point”. Don’t make it hard for people to hear you!
  3.  Ensure people understood - “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” G.B. Shaw. Take a pause while speaking and ask: “what did you understand from what I just said?”
  4. Respect Cultural Differences - Move from judgement to curiosity. Count to 10 and ask yourself 4 “why is this so different?”
  5. Enhance Your Vocabulary - Spend time on understanding what is the meaning of the words you use. Make a strong friendship with the dictionary.

VD-JD Execution

Your EPs experience should mean something to them. That is the only way they can foster the inner journey experience through their daily job activities. Why, How and what to do to develop this meaning, for both Global Volunteer and Global Talent, is comprehensively laid our in the resource below. Dig in!

LEAD for EPs: World Citizen - Ability to make a difference in the world

LEAD for EPs: World Citizen - Ability to make a difference in the world

Believing you have the ability to make a difference in the world can sometimes sound a bit strange. Sometimes it takes a bit more digging, some reflection and conversations for you to realise some things for yourself. This simple guide gives the reader a self-driven experience to try and do just that through ideas, activities and reflections.