Welcome to the AIESEC 2020 Hub!

Here you will be able to find all the information related to AIESEC 2020; since the moment we started thinking about it, up until the progress of each one of the projects of the Roadmap.

The Hub is divided into 3 sections, where you will be able to find the past, present and future of AIESEC 2020.

Enjoy and remember that the Movement starts in you!

Do you want to know everything about how AIESEC 2020 was created? This is the place for your geekiness!

Here, you will be able to find information about:

  • The AIESEC way
  • A2020 Creation
  • A2020 Strategy
  • A2020 Global Timeline
  • Roadmap Implementation Methodology
  • AIESEC Experience refershment process

Check the details and make AIESEC 2020 happen!

Wondering: how do we know AIESEC is achieving A2020? You are not the only one asking yourself that question. That is why in IC in Colombia we sit down and decided that every year we are going to put targets on Roadmap

Find out here what are the goals launched at IC 2017.


I want to be part of A2020. How can my entity and myself contribute to A2020? Don't look any further, this is it!

Check out Roadmap 17.18.

Understand foundational projects of 17.18

See who is taking non-foundational one.

Decide your contribution!


Would you like to know how the Roadmap Implementation of 16.17?

Find all historic data here.

Look at the reports submitted, initiatives descriptions and 1617 Roadmap dashboard. To understand how we finisged :)